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If you have been convicted of a crime in either the state or federal court system, you may believe that your case is closed. However, everyone is entitled to due process under the law, which means that you have the right to challenge your conviction and seek recourse if you believe that errors were made during your trial. This is where criminal appeals come into play. At Pullan & Young, we can help you determine whether you can file an appeal, and we will provide you with representation as you seek to overturn a wrongful conviction or unjust sentence.

State Criminal Appeals

In the United States, each state has its judicial system with its own set of rules and procedures. This includes the process for appealing criminal convictions within that state. State criminal appeals occur when a defendant who has been found guilty by a trial court seeks to have his or her conviction reviewed by an appellate court. The purpose of this appeal is not to retry the case, but rather to determine whether any legal errors occurred during the original trial that may have affected the outcome or violated some aspect of the defendant's constitutional rights.

In Texas, the grounds for filing a state criminal appeal may include:

  • Errors in evidentiary rulings or the admission/exclusion of evidence.
  • Errors in jury instructions.
  • Prosecutorial misconduct.
  • Constitutional rights violations, such as ineffective assistance of counsel or Fourth Amendment violations.

Federal Criminal Appeals

The federal government of the United States has a separate court system that may address violations of federal laws or appeals of decisions by state appellate courts. Federal criminal appeals typically deal with cases involving federal crimes. Federal criminal appeals follow similar principles as state appeals, but they are governed by different rules and procedures. When a defendant is convicted of a federal crime, he has the right to appeal his conviction to the appropriate United States court of appeals.

In federal criminal appeals, legal errors made during the trial are reviewed under federal law, not state law. Some common grounds for a federal appeal include:

  • Evidentiary errors.
  • Judicial misconduct.
  • Improper jury instructions.
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel.
  • Violations of constitutional rights.

Trusted San Antonio Criminals Appeals Attorney

If you have been convicted of a crime and believe that mistakes were made or your rights were violated during your trial, it is important to seek the legal representation of an experienced attorney who knows criminal appeals. That is where Attorney Corey Young can help.

Mr. Young has dedicated his career to defending people throughout Texas who have been charged with crimes or who have been wrongfully convicted. With extensive knowledge and experience in both state and federal appellate courts, he can provide diligent representation for clients who are seeking post-conviction relief through the appeals process.

During an appeal, Attorney Corey Young will conduct a thorough analysis of all available records about a case, including police reports, witness statements, trial transcripts, and rulings by judges. He looks for errors that occurred during a trial, including improper suppression of evidence, constitutional violations, ineffective assistance of counsel, or other potential grounds for a successful appeal.

Through meticulous research combined with persuasive written briefs and oral arguments before state and federal appellate courts, Attorney Corey Young will compellingly present your case while seeking the appropriate relief. He can work to reverse a wrongful verdict, overturn an unjust sentence, or seek a new trial when necessary.

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Do not let a criminal conviction be the last word in your legal journey. If you believe that mistakes were made during your trial, or if your rights were violated, contact Attorney Corey Young to discuss the possibility of an appeal and to secure experienced legal representation. Call us today at 936-647-1540 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. From our law office in Conroe, we provide representation to clients throughout Texas.

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