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Pursuing Post-Conviction Relief in Montgomery County

Dealing with the aftermath of a criminal conviction can be challenging, but it is important for people in this situation to remember that they may still have options available. With the assistance of a seasoned criminal defense attorney, defendants can pursue appeals and post-conviction relief. They can take steps to address wrongful convictions or unjust sentences through direct appeals or writs of habeas corpus, or they may look at what other options may be available for securing a release from custody or clearing their criminal records.

At Pullan & Young, our experienced criminal defense attorneys can provide invaluable assistance with matters related to post-conviction relief. With our help, defendants can navigate the complex process of criminal appeals, draft persuasive writs of habeas corpus, or negotiate terms of parole or probation. Our goal is to protect the rights of our clients at all times and fight for their interests while taking steps to mitigate the long-term impact of a conviction on a person's life. With our years of experience helping clients defend against criminal charges and our comprehensive knowledge of state and federal laws that apply in post-conviction matters, we can offer invaluable legal help for defendants as they determine how to move forward with their lives.

Legal Help With Post-Conviction Matters in Conroe, TX

Following a criminal conviction, our lawyers can explain the options that may be available for defendants and offer guidance on how they can protect their rights. We can assist with:

  • Writs of habeas corpus - In cases where defendants wish to put forward newly-discovered exonerating evidence or where their rights have been violated, writs of habeas corpus can be a powerful method of seeking relief. We can help defendants apply for both state writs and federal writs that will address false convictions or unfair sentences.
  • Direct appeals - Following the conclusion of a trial, a verdict or sentence may be challenged through a criminal appeal. Our attorneys can provide guidance on when appeals may be used to address legal errors that took place during a trial or other legal issues that led to a wrongful conviction or unjust sentence. We can help pursue both state appeals and federal appeals, and with our experience representing clients in these types of cases, we can ensure that the proper procedures will be followed during the appeals process.
  • Parole - Criminal convicts will usually be eligible for parole after serving some of a criminal sentence, but certain criteria will apply, and a prisoner must provide the necessary information to show that they should be allowed an early release. We can help address a variety of concerns related to parole, including preparing for a parole review and ensuring prisoners understand their eligibility for mandatory release.
  • Expunction and non-disclosure - A criminal record can cause difficulties in a person's life, but people who have been convicted of certain crimes and completed their sentences may take steps to clear their records and improve the opportunities that are available to them. We can provide guidance on when criminal records may be expunged or sealed, and we can assist in applying for this form of relief.

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At Pullan & Young, we know the gravity of post-conviction matters and the significant impact they can have on a person's life. Our seasoned criminal defense attorneys are committed to providing diligent representation and comprehensively addressing each client's unique circumstances. We strive to ensure that clients can navigate the complexities of post-conviction relief successfully, and we provide effective legal representation and compassionate support to ensure that their needs will be met. Contact us today at 936-647-1540 to book your free consultation and explore your options for relief after conviction.

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