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Sex crimes are among the most serious offenses a person can be charged with in Texas, and those who have been accused of these offenses may face severe consequences, even if they are never actually convicted. An arrest for a sexual offense or a public accusation can damage a person's reputation and harm their relationships with others. These accusations may result in the loss of a job or professional license, and they could affect a person's custody of their children. The consequences of a criminal conviction can be even more serious, and a person could be sentenced to years or decades in prison and required to register as a sex offender for 10 years or the rest of their life.

Those who are accused of sexual offenses or who have been arrested and charged with sex crimes can work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to determine their best options. At Pullan & Young, our knowledgeable lawyers can provide effective legal representation in these situations, helping people protect their rights as they defend against criminal charges and address other related legal issues. Our team members have previously worked as prosecutors, and we are familiar with the methods used during investigations and legal proceedings. With this knowledge, we can craft successful defense strategies to help defendants avoid a sex crime conviction or minimize the potential penalties they may face.

Skilled Representation in Conroe, Texas Sex Crime Cases

There are a wide variety of criminal offenses that fall under the general category of sex crimes. Offenses can vary in severity depending on the specific actions or behaviors involved in a case, the identity of the alleged victim, and other factors. The sexual offenses that our attorneys can assist with include:

  • Sexual assault - Having sexual intercourse with a person without their consent is one of the most serious types of sex crimes. Accusations of sexual assault may involve claims that a person used force or threats, that they had intercourse with a person who was unconscious or intoxicated, or that they were in a position of authority over their alleged victim. Most of the time, sexual assault is a second degree felony, although a person may face first degree felony charges if they are accused of aggravated sexual assault involving the use of a weapon or serious injuries to the alleged victim.
  • Online solicitation - Adults may be accused of communicating with minors over the internet in an inappropriate manner and attempting to engage in behaviors that would be considered sex crimes. Having conversations or other interactions with a child that are of a sexual nature with the intent to commit a sexual offense against the child is usually charged as a third degree felony. However, if a person allegedly made arrangements to meet the child in person, they may be charged with a second degree felony.
  • Child pornography - Any possession of photos, videos, or other visual materials of a sexual nature depicting minors may result in serious criminal charges. Possession of child pornography is a third degree felony, and creation or distribution of child pornography is a second degree felony.
  • Indecency with a child - While a person who is accused of engaging in sexual intercourse or other sex acts with a child will usually face sexual assault charges, accusations of inappropriate touching of a child may also lead to serious criminal charges. Sexual contact in which a person touches a child's private parts or causes a child to touch their private parts is a second degree felony. Exposing oneself to a child is a third degree felony.

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At Pullan & Young, our experienced criminal defense attorneys provide knowledgeable, experienced legal representation for people who are facing sex crime charges. We know how serious these accusations can be, and we work to make sure our clients are treated fairly by police officers, prosecutors, and others in the legal system. We can help defendants craft effective defense strategies and ensure that these cases can be resolved successfully. Contact our firm at 936-647-1540 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can assist with sex crime accusations.

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