General Criminal Defense

Our experienced defense attorneys handle all types of criminal cases, from Class C misdemeanor assaults to First Degree Murders.

Sex Crimes

The State of Texas aggressively targets individuals accused of child sex abuse and internet sex crimes. At P&Y, we aggressively defend against sex abuse allegations.

Appellate Practice

As a former appellate prosecutor, P&Y Partner Corey Young knows how to craft the best legal arguments for your case, how to preserve errors on appeal, and how to ensure that you have the best possible chance to reverse your conviction.

Post Conviction

The attorneys at P&Y are highly experienced in defending against probation revocations and motions to adjudicate, advocating for our clients’ release on parole, and investigating and filing writs of habeas corpus.

At Pullan & Young, We Rely on a Team Approach

Texas Criminal Defense Attorneys

P&Y is a boutique law firm specializing in the practice of Criminal Defense. Our depth of experience, our refusal to take “court appointed” or “public defender” cases, and our commitment to the team approach with each of our clients separate us from other criminal defense attorneys.

Many attorneys have a “one stop shop” legal practice. Instead of focusing on one area of the law, these attorneys do a little of everything, from wills and divorces to the occasional criminal case. Here at P&Y, our Conroe criminal defense lawyers believe that individuals seeking representation on criminal matters deserve a team of attorneys that only practice criminal law. This ensures that we are never distracted by other non-criminal cases. It also means that we are in a criminal court virtually every day, developing strong and lasting relationships with the prosecutors, judges, police, court staff and probation officers. It also means that we are focused and attuned to the latest developments in the field of criminal law. And since both partners at P&Y are former prosecutors, we are able to use our unique knowledge of the workings of the police, prosecutors and the courts to the benefit of our clients. We know how to anticipate the strategies and tactics that the opposing side is likely to use.

At P&Y we also strongly believe in a “quality over quantity” law practice. That means we only accept retained clients – none of our attorneys participate in the “public defender” program. Most attorneys who solicit clients accused of crimes also sign up with their local county as part time public defenders. These attorneys take government money for representing accused persons who can’t afford to hire their own counsel. Although we strongly believe that every person has a right to counsel, our law firm also believes that clients who can afford counsel deserve an attorney who can devote real time and attention to their case. If you hire P&Y, be assured that you won’t be competing for our time with government appointments. If you are consulting other attorneys, make sure to inquire as to whether he or she accepts government appointments.

Finally, when you hire P&Y to represent you, you receive the skills of two accomplished Conroe criminal defense lawyers, not just one. Our legal team approach means that we collaborate on every case, working to create the most effective strategies for you. Each attorney at P&Y is a former prosecutor, and together, we have over 25 years of courtroom and criminal appellate experience to rely upon when advocating for your rights.

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