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Assault Class A
Family Violence

Result: Dismissed

Case Result

Evading Arrest
in a Vehicle

Result: Dismissed

Case Result

Assault Class A
Family Violence

Result: Dismissed

Case Result

Evading Arrest
in a Vehicle

Result: Dismissed

Pullan and Young Conroe Criminal
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Attorneys defending clients in criminal cases, appeals, and parole in Conroe, Texas

Being arrested and charged with a crime can be one of the scariest things a person will ever experience. Interactions with police officers and other law enforcement officials can be problematic in any circumstances, but for those who have been accused of criminal offenses, it can be difficult to understand what to say or do in these situations. Statements made to police officers, questions answered during interrogations, or even minor issues such as body language and facial expressions could potentially be used against you in a criminal case. To ensure that your rights will be protected after you have been arrested or when you may face criminal charges, it is crucial to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney.


The right lawyer will guide you through the pitfalls of the criminal justice system, protect your rights, and provide you with advice based on hard-won experience. The right lawyer can advocate on your behalf to ensure that you will be able to resolve your case successfully while minimizing the potential penalties you may face. And the right lawyer can effectively fight your case in trial or on appeal.

At Pullan & Young, our attorneys have multiple decades of experience in criminal law, and we can provide the representation you need. As ex-prosecutors, we know how the system works and we use that knowledge to benefit our clients. We are here to help you defend against criminal charges or seek post-conviction relief. Contact us at 936-647-1540 to set up a free consultation.

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We focus our practice solely on criminal law, and our experience ensures that our clients receive top-quality representation.


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Effective Legal Representation in Criminal Cases

At Pullan & Young, we provide representation throughout all stages of a criminal case. We work to ensure that our clients are fully prepared to address the charges against them. Whether they are facing low-level misdemeanors or serious felony charges, we provide effective guidance on the defense strategies that may be available, the consequences they may face if they are convicted, their options for negotiating plea agreements with prosecutors, whether they may be able to receive deferred adjudication in lieu of a conviction, and what steps they can take to secure a "not guilty" verdict or a dismissal of their charges.

We also provide representation for clients who have been convicted of crimes, helping them understand the options for relief that may be available. We can assist with criminal appeals, writs of habeas corpus, and parole hearings. We can help address violations of Constitutional rights or other issues that may have led to a wrongful conviction or an unfair sentence.

We Rely on a Team Approach

Attorneys Tracy Pullan and Corey Young have multiple decades of combined legal experience. They have both previously worked as prosecutors, handling trials and appeals in numerous types of criminal cases. They have also defended clients against a wide variety of charges and successfully pursued appeals and writs of habeas corpus. This level of experience ensures that our clients will have quality representation during all stages of their cases. Our attorneys work closely with each other, and they make an effort to understand each client's needs. They are always prepared to handle any concerns that may arise during a case, and they fight to protect our clients' rights at all times.



We help people who have been arrested for intoxicated driving defend against criminal charges and license suspension.


Drug Charges

We work to protect the rights of those who are charged with possession or distribution of controlled substances.


Criminal Appeals

We can help clients take legal action to address errors that occurred during a trial and overturn verdicts or sentences.


Writs of Habeas Corpus

We can help clients pursue relief in cases where their rights were violated or where new evidence may prove their innocence.

Scholarship Program

Through the Pullan & Young Supporting Prisoners' Families Scholarship, we provide financial assistance to students who have been affected by criminal convictions of parents or other family members, ensuring that they will be able to pursue their educational goals.

From Our Clients


Tracy is amazing! She's always honest about circumstances and potential outcomes and she always responds in good time to answer any questions I had. I recommend anyone seeking an attorney to speak to her before making their decision on which attorney they are gonna have represent their case!

Aaron Boddie

Can't say enough good things about Tracy. Before I had retained her she spent 30 minutes talking about my situation, my life, etc. Didn't feel rushed or unappreciated. I only need her assistance for an ALR hearing, and she was honest about me being able to handle the hearing myself...


Without Corey's diligent work I would now have a criminal record, risking both my livelihood and ability to travel. I believe anyone engaging Corey's services will be in a safe pair of hands.

Peter Oloiver
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