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Abilene Criminal Appeals Attorney

Guidance With The Criminal Appeal Process from an Attorney in Abilene, TX

If you have been convicted of a crime in Abilene, it is crucial to know that the criminal justice system has a process for appealing your conviction or sentence. A successful appeal can result in a new trial or even overturn your conviction. However, successfully navigating the appeals process demands extensive knowledge of appellate law and courtroom experience.

Attorney Corey Young understands that dealing with an unjust verdict or sentence can be an extremely daunting and tense experience. That is why our committed team is available to facilitate all aspects of the criminal appeals procedure. Our firm has handled countless appeals cases, resulting in favorable resolutions for clients in Abilene and other regions throughout the state of Texas.

The Criminal Appeals Process

A criminal appeal will include several stages, each with its distinct requirements and deadlines. Although the specific procedures followed can vary from case to case, there are usually five key steps involved:

  1. Formal Notice of Appeal: To start an appeal of a criminal conviction or sentence in Texas state court, it is critical to file a formal notice of appeal within 30 days after the date when judgment was entered. Missing this deadline could lead to losing your right to appeal.
  2. Gathering of Records: To gather the required trial records after filing a notice of appeal, Attorney Young will obtain all relevant documents from your initial trial proceedings, such as transcripts of witness testimonies, jury instructions, counsel's arguments, judges' rulings, settlement agreements reached during the trial, and any exhibits admitted into evidence.
  3. Identifying Legal Grounds for Appeal: To appeal your conviction or sentence successfully, it is crucial to identify any legal errors that occurred during the trial proceedings. These errors may consist of problems such as incorrect jury instructions, admission of inadmissible evidence, infringement of your constitutional rights, inadequate counsel, and more. As an experienced criminal appeals lawyer, Corey Young possesses the proficiency and knowledge to meticulously scrutinize trial records and pinpoint possible reasons for an appeal.
  4. Drafting Briefs: After identifying the grounds for appeal, Attorney Young will draft a comprehensive appellate brief. This brief presents a chance to expound on your stance by setting forth detailed legal arguments, citing case law, and applying pertinent legal principles to the peculiarities of your case.
  5. Decision: After the submission of briefs by both parties, some cases may require oral arguments in front of an appellate court panel. The appellate judges will review the appeal and render a decision based on the oral arguments and written briefs provided by both sides. The court may reverse or uphold a verdict, and in some cases, they may order a new trial.

Contact Our Trusted Abilene Criminal Appeals Lawyer

If you have received an unjust conviction or unfair sentence in Abilene, Attorney Corey Young can offer effective legal representation throughout every stage of the appeals process. He is committed to fighting for justice on behalf of his clients. Our firm has the necessary resources and experience to handle complex criminal appeals cases, and we can also work with clients to pursue other forms of post-conviction relief.

Corey Young is a skillful advocate who has extensive experience navigating the appellate court system. His knowledge of appellate procedure allows him to thoroughly examine trial records, detect possible errors, and compose compelling arguments that withstand high court scrutiny. He can pursue both state and federal appeals, and he will work to protect your rights throughout every stage of your case. Contact our firm at 936-647-1540 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you receive relief after a wrongful conviction or unjust sentence. Our office is located in Conroe, and we serve clients throughout all of the state of Texas.

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