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Being convicted of a crime can have life-altering consequences. However, if you believe that errors were made during your trial or that your constitutional rights were violated, you may have the opportunity to challenge the decision through the criminal appeals process.

In El Paso, Corey Young is an experienced attorney who focuses on representing clients in state and federal criminal appeals. With his experience and dedication to protecting his client's rights, Corey Young will work diligently to navigate the complex appeals process and fight for justice on your behalf.

The Steps of a Criminal Appeal

A criminal appeal will not be a retrial of your case; instead, it is a review by a higher court to determine if there were any legal errors that occurred during the original trial that impacted its outcome. The following steps outline the typical process involved in filing a criminal appeal:

  • Notice of Appeal: To initiate an appeal, Attorney Young will file a notice of appeal with the appropriate appellate court within the appropriate time limits. This document informs both the trial court and the opposing counsel that you intend to challenge your conviction or sentence.
  • Record Compilation: The next step involves compiling all necessary documents from your original trial into what is known as the record on appeal. This includes transcripts of hearings and proceedings conducted at trial, exhibits entered into evidence, motions filed by both parties, jury instructions given by the judge, and any other relevant materials required for review.
  • Preparation of Appellate Briefs: An appellate brief presents arguments explaining the errors that occurred during your trial that warrant reversing or modifying your conviction or sentence. Corey Young's extensive knowledge of state and federal laws enables him to meticulously analyze the record on appeal, identify errors, and construct persuasive arguments to support your case. He will draft a brief within the specific time constraints that apply to your case. This brief outlines the legal issues that warrant relief and provides supporting evidence and precedents from relevant cases. The prosecution will then have an opportunity to file a responsive brief presenting counterarguments.
  • Oral Arguments: In some cases, the court may decide that oral arguments are necessary to further clarify or discuss key points raised in the written briefs. Corey Young will advocate on your behalf during these oral proceedings, presenting concise and compelling arguments to convince the judges of any errors made during your original trial.
  • Appellate Court Decision: After reviewing all pertinent documents, including both parties' briefs, and conducting oral arguments if applicable, the court will render its decision. The court may choose to affirm your conviction and sentence or reverse it partially or entirely. In certain instances, they may also order a new trial.

Making a Difference With Attorney Corey Young

The success of a criminal appeal heavily depends on having skilled legal representation like by your side. Attorney Young can assist you throughout each stage of your case, including:

  • Analyzing Your Case: Mr. Young will conduct a detailed analysis of all aspects of your case's trial record to determine if there were procedural mistakes or constitutional violations that could serve as grounds for an appeal.
  • Presentation Skills: With his extensive experience in state and federal appeals courts in Texas, Corey Young knows how to craft compelling written appellate briefs tailored specifically for each client's unique circumstances. His command of the law and persuasive writing abilities can significantly impact the outcome of your appeal.
  • Oral Advocacy: If oral arguments are necessary, Mr. Young will skillfully present your case before the appellate court. His ability to communicate complex legal arguments will maximize your chances for success.

Contact Our El Paso Criminal Appeals Lawyer

If you believe that errors were made during your trial or that a violation of your constitutional rights occurred, it is crucial to have an experienced attorney by your side throughout the appeals process. With Corey Young's experience and dedication to protecting his client's rights, he will provide strategic guidance and pursue all available avenues to fight for justice on your behalf.

To discuss your criminal appeal case, contact our firm today at 936-647-1540. Schedule a consultation to understand how Corey Young can be an essential ally in securing justice through the state and federal criminal appeals process in El Paso. From our office in Conroe, we represent clients throughout all of Texas.

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