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When Texas Citizens are convicted of federal crimes, they may feel as if their fate has been sealed. However, it is important to understand that the judicial system provides avenues for recourse, even after a conviction. A federal appeal may provide one such avenue. If there are issues regarding the legality of a trial—such as procedural misconduct, violations of constitutional rights, or erroneous interpretations of the law—an appeal provides an opportunity for the case to be reevaluated by a higher court. This process, though complex, can play a crucial role in ensuring that justice is served.

When pursuing an appeal or other forms of post-conviction relief, it is essential to work with a lawyer who has experience in these types of cases. The team of skilled attorneys at Pullan & Young can provide effective representation for those who are seeking appeals in federal criminal cases. We have helped many defendants take steps to address wrongful convictions, violations of their rights, and other related issues, and we can ensure that the correct steps will be taken when filing an appeal, preparing briefs, and making arguments in appellate courts. Our goal is to help you achieve justice while protecting your rights at all times.

Issues That May Affect Federal Appeals

Federal criminal appeals are known as "direct appeals," and they will typically be based on claims that legal errors occurred during a trial that affected the verdict or resulted in an unjust sentence. An appeal is not a retrial or a reconsideration of the evidence in a case. Instead, appeals must be based on claims that the law was applied incorrectly during a trial or that mistakes were made that affected the outcome of the case.

Depending on the circumstances of a case and the procedural issues that took place during a trial, an appeal may allow for a reversal of a conviction, or a new trial may be held. If an appellate court determines that a person should not have been convicted because the evidence presented in the case did not conclusively demonstrate that they were guilty, the conviction may be vacated, and the charges against the defendant may be dismissed. However, since most appeals are based on legal errors that occurred during a trial, it is more likely that a new trial will be required.

Multiple types of errors may occur during a trial. In some cases, evidence may be presented that should not have been admissible because it was obtained through an unlawful search by law enforcement. In others, a defendant's rights may have been violated because the court allowed a juror to be seated even though that person gave statements showing that they were biased against the defendant. These issues can often be difficult to identify and address, which is why the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney is so important when pursuing an appeal.

In some cases, when an appellate court orders a new trial, prosecutors may believe that they would not be able to obtain a conviction, and the charges against the defendant may be dismissed. In other cases, an appellate court may find that the proper sentencing guidelines were not followed, and a conviction may stand, but the sentence may be modified. If a new trial is necessary, the defendant will have the opportunity to contest the allegations or demonstrate their innocence. Our attorneys can provide guidance on the likely outcome of an appeal, and we can fight to protect a defendant's rights and ensure that they will be treated fairly and justly during all legal proceedings.

Many Federal criminal appeals focus on whether the trial court correctly interpreted and followed the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. The guidelines are complicated and contain numerous opportunities for a judge to reduce or enhance a sentence. Defendants who are unfairly sentenced need an advocate that understands the guidelines and can find errors that might lead to a new trial and a reduced sentence.

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At Pullan & Young, we provide effective representation for defendants who are seeking post-conviction relief. With our experience handling cases in federal appellate courts, we can ensure that the proper motions and briefs are filed correctly, and we are prepared to advocate on a defendant's behalf to help them achieve justice. To get the representation you need as you pursue a federal criminal appeal, contact us at 936-647-1540 and arrange a free consultation.

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