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The Team

Attorneys Tracy Pullan and Corey Young make a dynamic team. Although each member has his or her individual strengths, combined they generate a cohesive energy that produces results.

As a boutique law firm they have the ability to have knowledge of all cases being worked. This ensures that no client is ever left "hanging" and each attorney willing can "pinch hit" for the other. Sometimes abrupt schedule changes make it impossible to be two places at the same time. A client seeking representation from Pullan & Young retains not one attorney but two. With over 20 years of trial experience, prosecutorial practice this team is a unified force that represents clients with every resource available to them.

The law firm represents clientele in all criminal and appellate matters, including charges of murder, drugs, appeals, weapons, driving while intoxicated, assaults, thefts, sex crimes, robbery and juvenile matters.

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