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Finding a Lawyer for a Direct Appeal in Montgomery County

During criminal trials, there are a number of issues that could lead to unfair and unjust outcomes for defendants. Violations of a defendant's rights or improper legal procedures could lead to a wrongful conviction, or a sentence may be imposed that did not fit the severity of the alleged offense. Fortunately, there are ways to address unfavorable outcomes in criminal cases, and in some cases, defendants may be able to pursue criminal appeals. However, the process of filing a direct appeal can be complicated, and it is crucial to work with an attorney who has experience in these matters.

The experienced criminal defense attorneys of Pullan & Young can help defendants navigate the appeals process in Conroe, Texas and the surrounding areas. Our in-depth knowledge of the complex appeals process, our experience representing clients who are seeking to appeal verdicts or sentences, and our understanding of the subtleties of state and federal laws can mean the difference between a successful appeal and a failed one. By strategically arguing on a defendant's behalf, demonstrating that errors occurred during a trial, and zealously protecting our client's rights, we can work to ensure that a person receives the post-conviction relief they deserve.

Skilled Representation in State and Federal Appeals

There are many reasons why it may be necessary to pursue a direct appeal following a criminal trial. A defendant will usually need to show that legal errors were made during their trial and that these errors led to a wrongful conviction or otherwise affected the outcome of the case. Errors made by a trial court judge may include admitting evidence that should have been excluded, excluding evidence that should have been admitted, or providing incorrect instructions to the jury.

Direct appeals may also address prosecutorial misconduct in which the attorney(s) representing the state or federal government acted inappropriately or unethically during the trial, such as by withholding exculpatory evidence or making improper arguments. A defendant may claim that they received ineffective assistance of counsel and that their defense lawyer failed to properly investigate their case, did not cross-examine witnesses effectively, or did not object to inadmissible evidence. A direct appeal may also be based on other violations of a defendant's Constitutional rights, including their right to a fair trial, their right against self-incrimination, or their right to confront witnesses.

Our attorneys can provide guidance on when a direct appeal may be possible. We will review the circumstances surrounding a case and the record of a criminal trial to identify any errors that occurred or violations of a defendant's rights. We will help determine whether a person may have been wrongfully convicted because of insufficient or inadmissible evidence, biased jurors, or other issues. We can also look at whether it may be possible to appeal a sentence that was overly harsh or was not based on the facts of the case.

As we address post-conviction issues, we will make sure a defendant understands how the appeals process works, what requirements will need to be met, and what procedures will be followed by appellate courts. For defendants who were convicted in state courts, we can pursue state appeals, including seeking relief from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. For those who were convicted of federal crimes or who received unfavorable decisions from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, we can pursue federal appeals. With our experience handling direct appeals in both state and federal courts, we can help defendants take the correct steps to protect their rights as they seek justice.

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Navigating the legal intricacies of criminal appeals can be a daunting process, but you do not have to face it alone. Whether you are looking to pursue a state or federal appeal, the skilled attorneys at Pullan & Young can provide the legal help you need to challenge your conviction or sentence effectively. We are deeply committed to defending your rights, and we will fight to help you achieve a fair outcome for your case. Contact our Conroe, Texas office today at 936-647-1540 to book a free consultation where you can discuss your case and learn how we can assist with your quest for justice.

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