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There are a variety of offenses that are categorized as property crimes, and in many situations, these cases will involve theft. While the penalties for theft can vary depending on the value of what was allegedly stolen, there are certain situations where additional criminal charges may apply, including burglary or robbery. If you have been accused of one of these offenses, it is important to understand the seriousness of the charges that you could face and the penalties that may apply if you are convicted.

When you are facing felony charges, you may be looking at hefty fines and extended periods of jail time if you are convicted. To determine how you can avoid a conviction or reduce the penalties that may apply in your case, you can work with a criminal defense lawyer. At Pullan & Young, our attorney is prepared to stand by your side throughout the legal process and ensure that your rights are protected at all times. We will help you navigate through this difficult situation and work towards securing a favorable outcome for your case.

Burglary Charges in Texas

Burglary is commonly known as "breaking and entering," although there are a few more elements to an offense than simply entering or gaining access to a building or other piece of property. In general, burglary charges may apply if a person is accused of entering a building that is closed to the public with the intent of committing a felony offense or any form of theft or assault. Entering a building may involve placing any part of a person's body or any other tool or object connected to their body into any part of a building, such as reaching one's hand through an open window.

Burglary that is committed in a commercial building or any other building not classified as a "habitation" is generally charged as a state jail felony. Third degree felony charges may apply if a person is accused of entering a commercial building where controlled substances are stored, such as a pharmacy or warehouse, with the intent of stealing one or more of these substances. If burglary occurs in a habitation, which includes residential buildings, hotels or other buildings that provide overnight accommodations, or vehicles such as RVs where people may sleep overnight, it is usually charged as a second degree felony. However, if burglary in a habitation allegedly involved the intent or attempt to commit a felony other than theft, such as sexual assault or murder, a person may be charged with a first degree felony.

Texas law also identifies the offense of burglary of vehicles, which may occur when someone enters a motor vehicle such as a car or truck, the cargo area of a commercial vehicle, or a train car or freight container that is being transported, with the intent of committing theft or a felony offense. Burglary of vehicles is a Class A misdemeanor. Another related offense involves burglary of coin-operated machines or other machines that collect coins or other forms of payment. Breaking into one of these machines in order to steal money or other items is a Class A misdemeanor.

Robbery and Aggravated Robbery

In some cases, theft charges that involve money or property being directly taken from a person may also result in charges of robbery. This offense may apply if, while committing theft, a person allegedly injured someone else, either intentionally or recklessly, or they threatened to injure or kill someone or otherwise acted in a way that caused someone to fear that they would be injured or killed. Robbery is usually charged as a second degree felony.

An offense may be elevated to aggravated robbery based on the use of a weapon, the infliction of injuries, or the identity of the alleged victim. If, while committing theft, a person allegedly used or displayed a weapon such as a knife or firearm, inflicted serious bodily injuries on someone, or caused or threatened injuries to a senior over the age of 65 or a person with a physical or mental disability, they may be charged with a first degree felony.

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