Probation and Parole

Pullan & Young can help you if you are currently on parole, or probation and face going back into custody because of a new criminal charge or a violation of release conditions. If you are charged with a new crime while on parole your parole officer can immediately order that you be returned to custody by issuing a Blue Warrant. Also, violating certain other conditions can result in a revocation. If you face going back into custody because of a violation, Pullan & Young can protect your rights and help you retain your freedom. Call us today at (936) 647-1540.

What are the possible outcomes when a Motion to Revoke has been filed?

There are many possible outcomes, therefore it is very important to set up a free consultation with Pullan & Young to shed some light on this very difficult situation.

Client Reviews
You could be feeding me to the wolves, but you are saving me by giving me an opportunity to start over. W.J.
You are an outstanding litigator, but as well, a very patient, genuine person, who I feel blessed to have met, even under these awful circumstances. B.F.