If you are facing murder manslaughter or any other homicide charges, your entire life hangs in the balance. The quality of the defense representation you choose could determine whether you spend the rest of your life doing what you want, or penned up in a cramped prison cell. The fact that someone has been killed does not necessarily mean that a crime has occurred. Our team of former prosecutors knows the possible defenses to murder and homicide charges, such as self-defense, defense of others, lack of intent, accident, and others. If you are being investigated for any sort of homicide you need to immediately contact the experienced attorneys at Pullan & Young because the initial stages of these investigations are often the most critical. Contact our firm for a free consultation to discuss your situation and for advice on how to protect your Constitutional rights.

If you hire our firm to defend you, we will investigate the facts of your case and seek to obtain evidence in your favor. We will protect your rights throughout all stages of your case — from initial arrest to trial and appeal. If evidence was obtained by law enforcement through illegal search and seizure or in violation of your rights, we will move to have it thrown out.

If a murder charge cannot be resolved through negotiation or a plea agreement, we will defend you at trial. With a combined trial experience of over 30 years, Pullan & Young is particularly skilled in holding the prosecution to its burden of proving all elements of murder charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

Client Reviews
You could be feeding me to the wolves, but you are saving me by giving me an opportunity to start over. W.J.
You are an outstanding litigator, but as well, a very patient, genuine person, who I feel blessed to have met, even under these awful circumstances. B.F.