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When you are facing a parole board hearing, the stakes are incredibly high. The outcome of this decisive proceeding can determine whether you regain your freedom and get a chance to rebuild your life or remain in prison for an extended period. Understanding the intricacies of the parole process is paramount, and it is crucial to have proficient legal representation to assist you through it.

If you require assistance with a parole board hearing in Midland or Odessa, Texas, Attorney Corey Young is available to help. With extensive experience in criminal law and knowledge of parole cases, Attorney Young has successfully represented many clients before the Texas Parole Board. His experience can provide you with the best chance of securing your release.

Experienced Legal Representation

A parole hearing requires precise preparation and strategic advocacy. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your case is vital to the decision-making process. Corey Young can assist with:

  • Evaluating eligibility: Attorney Young will review your case in detail. To make a convincing case for parole, he will examine all aspects of your criminal record, including previous convictions and any factors that may reduce your culpability.
  • Presenting compelling evidence: Highlighting positive changes made during imprisonment substantially raises the likelihood of being granted parole. An experienced lawyer knows what qualifies as convincing proof of rehabilitation endeavors, like joining educational programs or taking job training courses during imprisonment. Assembling evidence and collecting endorsements are crucial steps. Your attorney will help you gather pertinent documents like medical records or counseling reports that bolster your case. Mr. Young may also be able to obtain statements from relatives, acquaintances, employers, or counselors who can vouch for your good character.
  • Developing arguments for release: Attorney Young will create convincing points tailored to your situation and adeptly present them during your parole hearing.

An experienced parole attorney such as Corey Young knows the significance of presenting a comprehensive and persuasive case before the parole board. His experience allows him to predict potential obstacles that may emerge during the process and proactively handle them.

Understanding Mandatory Supervision

The main objective of parole is to facilitate successful reentry into society by closely monitoring the behavior and progress of a person following their release. It aims to assist them in establishing stability through employment, housing, social connections, mental health treatment if necessary, and adherence to any court-ordered conditions or restrictions. In some cases, prisoners may be eligible for mandatory supervision, which is also known as mandatory release. If they satisfy certain criteria, they will automatically become eligible for parole, although the decision on whether to grant parole will still be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Eligibility for Mandatory Supervision

To be eligible for mandatory release, a person will typically need to satisfy certain criteria such as:

  • Having served a specified amount of their prison sentence while also accruing good conduct time equal to the remaining portion of their sentence.
  • Demonstrating good behavior while incarcerated.
  • Not being considered a high-risk offender or posing a significant threat to public safety.
  • Meeting other specific eligibility requirements set forth by the relevant authorities.

Supervision Requirements and Conditions

Parole and supervised release programs have specific requirements that people must meet after they have been released. These requirements may vary depending on the jurisdiction, but they commonly include:

  • In-person reporting: A person on parole will typically be required to regularly report in person to their parole officer. The frequency of these meetings may vary based on the person's progress and risk level.
  • Residence and travel restrictions: Parolees may be subject to certain restrictions regarding where they can live or travel during their supervision period. They may need permission from their parole officer before changing residences or traveling out of state.
  • Employment or education requirements: Parolees may be required to maintain stable employment, seek job training, or pursue educational opportunities as a condition of their supervised release. This requirement aims to promote stability and reduce the likelihood of reoffending.
  • Substance abuse treatment: People who struggle with substance abuse issues may be required to participate in counseling, treatment programs, or random drug testing during their parole. These efforts assist in reducing recidivism rates and fostering recovery.
  • Avoidance of criminal activity: One fundamental condition is refraining from engaging in any criminal activities while on parole. Any violations can result in severe consequences, including revocation of parole and returning to prison.

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