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The criminal appeals process is a complex and intricate legal pathway allowing defendants to challenge their convictions or sentences. In Houston, Attorney Corey Young has extensive experience in criminal appeals, and he can provide valuable assistance to those seeking justice following a wrongful conviction.

Understanding the Criminal Appeals Process

At its core, a criminal appeal allows a person who has been convicted of a crime to present their case to an appellate court if they believe errors were made during their trial. The primary goal of an appeal is not to retry the case, but rather to seek redress for procedural errors or violations of constitutional rights. The process of filing an appeal will involve the following steps:

  • Notice of Appeal: After a trial court convicts or sentences a defendant, the defendant must begin the appeals process by filing a notice of appeal within certain time limits. A skilled appellate attorney like Corey Young will ensure that these crucial deadlines are met correctly.
  • Record Preparation: A key aspect of any successful appeal is identifying issues in the original trial record that support grounds for overturning a conviction or sentence. During this phase, Mr. Young will carefully review all aspects of a case, including transcripts and court records.
  • Legal Research and Brief Writing: An essential component of mounting an effective appeal is conducting extensive research on applicable statutes, prior rulings, precedents, and statute-case comparisons. This research will be used to prepare a persuasive brief that presents arguments that a conviction or sentence was unjust. Drawing on his in-depth knowledge gained from his extensive criminal defense experience, Corey Young excels at synthesizing complex legal issues into concise and persuasive written arguments.
  • Oral Arguments: At this stage, Attorney Young may present oral arguments before an appellate court. This process allows the parties to present their cases orally and respond to questions from a panel of judges, who will ultimately decide the outcome of the appeal. Mr. Young brings his charisma, eloquence, and confidence to effectively articulate arguments during these proceedings.
  • Appellate Court Decision: After reviewing all briefs and oral arguments, the appellate court will issue a decision either affirming the conviction or sentence, revising it based on identified errors, ordering a new trial, or even reversing the conviction entirely.

How Attorney Corey Young Can Help You

As one of Texas's most respected criminal appeals attorneys, Corey Young combines his extensive legal experience with an unwavering commitment to fighting tirelessly for justice. Here are some specific ways he can help you throughout the appeals process:

  • Case Evaluation: Attorney Young will carefully evaluate your case to identify potential grounds for appeal based on constitutional violations or errors made during your trial.
  • Strategy Development: Using sound legal acumen honed over years of practice, combined with an innate understanding of Texas law enforcement practices and judicial trends, Mr. Young is prepared to develop robust strategies specifically designed to successfully challenge flawed convictions or sentences.
  • Record Review: With meticulous attention to detail coupled with a comprehensive understanding of complex legal records, Mr. Young will leave no stone unturned when reviewing material that could potentially uncover crucial flaws within prior convictions.
  • Aggressive Advocacy Skills: At every stage of the appellate process, from brief writing to oral arguments before the appellate courts, Mr. Young is fiercely dedicated, aware of the stakes, persuasive, and able to meticulously argue each point to secure a favorable outcome for you.

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If you or someone you know has been wrongfully convicted or believes serious mistakes were made during your criminal trial, seeking experienced representation is critical. As a dedicated criminal defense attorney with a focus on criminal appeals in Houston, Texas, Corey Young has the knowledge and passion necessary to successfully navigate this complex area of law.

We offer free consultations in which you can discuss the details of your case in a confidential manner. Do not let a wrongful conviction or other violations of your rights go unchallenged. Contact our firm at 936-647-1540 to discuss your case and explore your options for pursuing post-conviction relief. Our firm is located in Conroe, Texas, and we assist with criminal cases in many other communities throughout the state.

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