Grand Jury Presentations

Before any felony case can be tried, it has to go to the Grand Jury and be indicted. The Grand Jury is a group of twelve citizens picked by the judges to serve limited terms hearing the cases presented by the prosecutor's office and then either issuing a True Bill (an indictment) or a No Bill. The Grand Jury's role is that of a filter. Their job is to determine if the Government has probable cause in the case or not. If nine of the twelve believe there is probable cause, the case is indicted, else it is no billed which usually will end the case. Although the Grand Jury operates in secrete and no one but the prosecutor and their witnesses are allowed in with the Grand Jurors, in the right case a good defense attorney can make a written presentation to the Grand Jury and provide written testimonials that can have an impact on the Grand Jury's decision.

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