Expunctions & Petitions of Non-disclosure

An expunction is a petition filed with the District Clerk of the County. It is essentially a Court order for the FBI, Texas Department of Public Safety, and anyone who has possession of information about your case to destroy the information.

Am I eligible for an expunction?

Generally, if someone is acquitted at trial for all the charges they face from a single arrest — the arrest can be expunged immediately. For example, being found not guilty for a DWI where no other charges were filed from the same case will allow you to be eligible for an expunction.

However, if there are multiple charges from the same arrest, the person must be eligible for each individual charge to get an expunction. So if the person arrested and acquitted for DWI above also was charged with and convicted of the marijuana possession from the same arrest — it would not be eligible for an expunction.

Dismissals and reductions of other certain charges, will also allow those arrests to become expunction eligible.

If I successfully completed a deferred can my case be expunged?

No. Unfortunately expunctions are reserved for very few cases. The good news is that you CAN file for a notice of non-disclosure that seals your record from the public. This does NOT completely erase your arrest, and many government agencies or boards will still have access to your legal history.

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