Client Reviews


Tracy is amazing! She's always honest about circumstances and potential outcomes and she always responds in good time to answer any questions I had. I recommend anyone seeking an attorney to speak to her before making their decision on which attorney they are gonna have represent their case!


Very honest and hardworking Lawyer,She works hard in the court and Trust me when I say that she can pull strings that most attorneys can't.She landed me an upright Dismissal on my Felony charge.


Tracey Pullan got my codefendant and I out of felony charges!! No probation or anything! Case DISMISSED!

She was kind, honest and always made us feel comfortable. The letter that she wrote to the district attorney to get our case dismissed was amazing, it was so compelling!!! She was very responsive and professional.

If you want a lawyer that actually cares about you and not your money, she is your girl ‍♀️❤️

Absolutely blown away by the exemplary service rendered here. I implore you to do yourself a favor and look no further for your legal needs. With futures on the line and sleepless nights ever present, he keeps you informed at all times and is as honest as they come. I can't give a high enough rating to the service I recieved. Not only in the courtroom but on a personal level, professional demeanor and personable are an understatement. While most attorneys are quick to take deals and minimize time and effort they have to spend with their cases, he absolutely spent all the time in the world combing through copious amounts of medical records and countless hours spent grinding and working the necessary angles to get me the best possible outcome. I was facing a felony for pos of controlled substance with a THC oil. This blow would have been devastating to my record for professional reasons and also all the obvious ones as well. I was panic stricken and didn't know which way to go as everything in my world was cast into disarray. The time he spent just speaking with me on a personal level (which he was not obligated to do) meant all the difference in the world. When it felt like all was lost all I had to do was text or call and he'd update me so I knew what to expect at every stage of this trying process. The connections he has in the courtroom being a former ADA and Prosecutor are a massive advantage for his clients as he has worked with just about everyone at one time or another in all the district courts here in Montgomery county. The outcome of my case was a dismissal of charges after some community service hours, a few classes and 2 more supervised UA's. That for a felony case is as good as you can hope for and I just couldn't be happier with the choice to go with him as my lawyer. Had I just risked it and gone with a court appointed, we would be having a different conversation 100% of the time and I'd have that hanging over my head for the rest of my days. I went through 6 other lawyers before I decided to go with him. I beg you, if you are in a position where your reputation and life dreams are on the line, go with Corey. Just speaking with him you will see the difference between him and other lawyers who are usually not personable and act as if their time is too valuable to be bothered for the big and little things. I absolutely swear on everything that is Holy, you will not be disappointed and he quite literally saved my life in a professional sense. I can finally breathe again and sleep comfortably and completely through the night. So if you are in a similar situation and you feel like all is lost, do your homework and put in the necessary effort to find yourself the best possible lawyer to fight for you when the system is trying to crush you under its gavel and if you are reading this then your search is over. Not sure if my contact info will be with this review but anyone is more than welcome to contact me and I will verify or share my experiences with Corey Young. I'm living breathing proof that there is still hope and that some people do care and WILL do absolutely everything to get your legal troubles back in check. I thank you for your time in reading this and I hope it helps you make a more informed decision and good luck with whatever it is you are facing.
For it being my first experience having to hire a lawyer for a FELONY😬. Tracy hung on to her word gave me knowledgable facts on my case. We got the results we wanted. Dismissed" 😀. It wasn't a easy road it took time patience an commitment. But if you cooperate on the things you need to do just like anything else you will have great results. She gave me peace of mind when I needed it the most in a time of need. Thankful to have ran in to her. Wish her the best

I wouldn't recommend anyone but Tracy Pullan. Tracy helped me twice while I was on felony probation. She's very honest and knowledgeable. She always responded to my calls and text messages. She honestly eased my worries in those stressful times. She also doesn't take advantage of you by charging an outrageous legal fee. She's extremely fair. I retained her services the first time because her fee was fair and she was genuinely honest with me. I hired her the second time because I trust her. I'm now off probation with a successful completion thanks to her. She more than exceeded my expectations. I should have wrote this review months ago. She even text me the other day offering help with my license and checking how my family and I was doing. She truly is an amazing person! Thank you Tracy!

Some of the best lawyers in Montgomery County. They listen and pay attention to your case. And fight for your rights.

I am beyond words with the work put into my case. And can't be more overjoyed with the results. Without going into great detail I was granted probation over spending the next 2 years in prison. It was a difficult case but Mr. Young showed poise, tenacity and commanded attention. His overall performance was the driving factor of my release. I can't thank Mr. Young and his staff for what they have given me...freedom...Would highly recommend.

Been meaning to post this for awhile but I just been busy getting on with life but I felt I needed to share this for anyone looking for a lawyer that not only works hard and knows what she’s doing but is also a person first that goes way beyond her duties! Even after my case was over she continues to help me and give advice! Every single time I had a question she was there I was able to call or text at any time and always get a response she worked with me and kept me informed every step of the way, made sure I was completely satisfied with everything along the way and even went further than I had asked or hoped for in my case! Tracy is the best experience I have ever had with a lawyer! I’d recommend her to any one in need of her services, she even covered an additional case outside of where she practices as a professional courtesy because I was already a client and in need of great help! Dnt just take my word call and see for urself conscience of ur budget and ur particular situation she can and will help past ur expectations! Thanks so much Tracy! Sincerely Captain Eddie